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Receivable & payable

Accounts payable and Accounts receivable modules are two important execution modules under finance segment of an ERP system. Financial relationship with vendors who are providing input to the organization in the form of goods and services are maintained in Accounts Payable (AP) modules. On the flip side, the financial connection with customers who use output of the organization, are dealt through Accounts receivable (AR) modules. Both these modules maintain personal accounts either of debtors or creditors and maintain various sub ledgers such as control account, currency fluctuation accounts etc. as an integral part of General Ledger (GL).:

> Accounts Payable modules (AP)
> Accounts Receivable modules (AR)

Accounts Payable modules (AP)

This modules provides the functionality to enter, monitor, maintain and process for payment of invoices and credit notes, that the organization received from its vendors. The key functionality of this modules is as follows::

> Immediate registration of incoming invoices
> Aging analysis periods for outstanding invoices of vendors
> Provide tailored prices for the specific products or services to a supplier

Accounts Receivable modules (AR)

This module helps in tracking all the invoices that is awaiting payment from customers. The key functionalities of modules are:

> 1.Accounts classification for reconciliation & Control.
> 2.On-line credit management.
> 3.Reminder with varying degrees of severity.
> 4.Aging Analysis reports for review. days / Month
> 5.Interest for late payments - only WL.
> 6.Customer statements.
> 7.Provide tailored prices for the specific products or services to a customer

Credit Control: An important feature of this modules is to monitor invoices overdue for payment
- Stop customer orders being created if the order goes above the credit limit Days / Value
- Aging analysis periods for outstanding invoices of customers



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