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Oryxonline understands that not all businesses are alike. We want Magna ERP to work for you and your company. We have designed Magna ERP to be easily customized to accommodate business or industry needs specific to your company. We can create reports or design modules especially for your company. Contact Us to learn how Magna ERP can work for your company.

Anyone who has been involved in a large ERP project knows that there is always at least a bit of customization. If the ERP is a good fit to your industry, and the project is focused on avoiding customization and using all those "flex fields" and "category codes" as they were intended, then the pre-built data warehouse that is available for that ERP might be a very cost effective route.

But here's the rub; in many ERP projects rather than change the existing processes (which by the way is often the justification for installing an ERP- process improvement), the business users find reasons to "keep things as they are"- and as a result, the ERP bends to the existing process rather than the other way round.

This means that new tables are created to hold information that normally would be in a different format in one of the standard ERP tables. This means that that code in field "X" that normally would mean something is overloaded to mean three or four things. This means that field "Y" that isn't needed by your company ends up being used for something completely different.

Non ERP transactional systems:

In some ERP implementations, certain modules of the ERP are not used and instead a third party software provides the functionality. Often, key information is then moved in and out of the ERP as required for transactions via an enterprise application integration (EAI) tool. In many cases, the reason the additional system is used is because it has more functionality (and therefore stores more detailed and varied information) than the ERP module. As a result, the EAI tool cannot move all of the information into the ERP, only summaries and selected data. This means that for the functional area that is treated by that module at least some of the detail users are interested in does not exist in the ERP. And if it's not in the ERP, it won't be picked up by the pre-built solution.



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