Oryx Finance Management

Manage Bank Accounts

Easily track and reconcile all bank activity whether that be maintaining multiple banks and/or several bank accounts types. With the integrated banking system of Interprise Suite, all payment and bank transaction routines, even those from the other modules, are brought together into one central location. The Banking Module facilitates all banking transactions and produces concise reports and analysis, giving you the added feeling of security. Analysis for bank accounts and cash flow analysis from a Business Intelligence dashboard helps in making more informed decisions regarding finances as well as being able to plan a more effective expenditure program

Setup and Manage Bank Accounts

It is easy to set up different types of bank accounts in different currencies and create as many as your company may acquire. Transaction history per bank account can be tracked providing a complete and accurate audit trail.
> Supports An Unlimited Number Of Bank Accounts Per Bank
> Bank Account History
> Supports Multiple Currencies

Preferences and Tools

Setting up default information helps speed up data processing and helps user's productivity. Recurrences ensure that critical transactions are always carried out and never missed, saving time and effort.

> 1.Ledger Account.
> 2.Bank sub Account code.
> 3.Sub Account description.
> 4.Account type (current, loan ,Saving,....)
> 5.Currency.
> 6.Limit .



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